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2010-12-28 03:37 pm
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Comics for Sale

I am looking to make some room and sell off some of my collection. It's mostly DC and Marvel with a few Image and Indie titles thrown in.

All books are in Near Mint condition. I can mail them within a day or so. Shipping costs will depend on the number of books purchased and if you want insurance, next day, etc.

To give you an idea basic USPS Shipping will cost like $3 for one book.

Willing to sell books individually or in bunches. Also accepting offers for the whole lot.

A handful are posted on eBay here:http://shop.ebay.com/r0b666/m.html?_nkw&_armrs=1&_from&_ipg

If you are interested in any of these please comment or email me.


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2010-03-11 03:30 pm

Obligatory First Post

I got on dreamwidth so I could follow the Scans Daily community. I also have a livejournal with the same name.

If you want you can follow me there http://r0b666.livejournal.com/

Not sure how much I will use this other than to comment on the community and rant about comics, but feel free to add me if you like.